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Problem with crossplatform webservices

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PostPosted: Sat Sep 01, 2007 9:35 am    Post subject: Problem with crossplatform webservices Reply with quote

Hey guys can anybody help me with this problem.
i have been trying for the past 10 days and i havent solved the problem yet
i will tell the problem in detail

My Server Code in PHP is as Follows:

require_once 'SOAP/Server.php';

// Your class
class HelloServer {
var $__dispatch_map = array();

function HelloServer() {
// Define the signature of the dispatch map
$this->__dispatch_map['sayHello'] =
array('in' => array('inputString' => 'string'),
'out' => array('outputString' => 'string'),


// Required function by SOAP_Server
function __dispatch($methodname) {
if (isset($this->__dispatch_map[$methodname]))
return $this->__dispatch_map[$methodname];
return NULL;

// Your function
function sayHello($inputString)
return 'Hello '.$inputString;

// Fire up PEAR::SOAP_Server
$server = new SOAP_Server;

// Fire up your class
$helloServer = new HelloServer();

// Add your object to SOAP server (note namespace)

// Handle SOAP requests coming is as POST data
if (isset($_SERVER['REQUEST_METHOD']) &&
} else {
// Deal with WSDL / Disco here
require_once 'SOAP/Disco.php';

// Create the Disco server
$disco = new SOAP_DISCO_Server($server,'HelloServer');
header("Content-type: text/xml");
if (isset($_SERVER['QUERY_STRING']) &&
strcasecmp($_SERVER['QUERY_STRING'],'wsdl')==0) {
echo $disco->getWSDL(); // if we're talking
} else {
echo $disco->getDISCO();

Now this program runs fine and produces a WSDL file this webservice i am calling in java.

The WSDL file is as follows:

<?xml version="1.0" ?>
- <definitions name="HelloServer" targetNamespace="urn:HelloServer" xmlns:wsdl="" xmlns:soap="" xmlns:tns="urn:HelloServer" xmlns:xsd="" xmlns:SOAP-ENC="" xmlns="">
<types xmlns="" />
- <message name="sayHelloRequest">
<part name="inputString" type="xsd:string" />
- <message name="sayHelloResponse">
<part name="outputString" type="xsd:string" />
- <portType name="HelloServerPort">
- <operation name="sayHello">
<input message="tns:sayHelloRequest" />
<output message="tns:sayHelloResponse" />
- <binding name="HelloServerBinding" type="tns:HelloServerPort">
<soap:binding style="rpc" transport="" />
- <operation name="sayHello">
<soap:operation soapAction="urn:HelloServer#HelloServer#sayHello" />
- <input>
<soap:body use="encoded" namespace="urn:HelloServer" encodingStyle="" />
- <output>
<soap:body use="encoded" namespace="urn:HelloServer" encodingStyle="" />
- <service name="HelloServerService">
<documentation />
- <port name="HelloServerPort" binding="tns:HelloServerBinding">
<soap:address location="http://localhost/PhpPrograms/server.php" />

with Client code in JAVA is as follows:

import org.apache.axis.client.Call;
import org.apache.axis.client.Service;
import javax.xml.namespace.QName;

public class Client2

public static void main(String[] args)
String endpoint = "http://localhost/PhpPrograms/server.php?wsdl";
Service service = new Service();
Call call = (Call) service.createCall();

call.setOperationName(new QName("", "sayHello"));
String ret = (String) call.invoke(new Object[]{"Ravindranath"});

catch (Exception e)

this code generates an error when calling the webservice, i know it is due to incompatible data types that i am calling from client code. how to make working the client code. please reply me as soon as possible.

The Error Generated is as follows: Connection reset

I am using eclipse 3.3(europa) i have configured the system and installed phpeclipse it works fine. building php webservice and client works fine but cross platform calling of web service i am not able to know.
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